What we do

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Organisations, both in the public and private sector, are making high stakes decisions with high levels of uncertainty. Getting it wrong costs money, slows things down, impacts on quality and reputation. In some circumstances, it can have catastrophic consequences.

Acquiring the data, eliciting expert knowledge, creating shared models of a situation and then generating the insights to assist with such decisions is time consuming, expensive, and often overwhelming.

As the competition stiffens, costs soar, and supply chain challenges rise, businesses and governments need every advantage they can get.

What’s the solution? Link to heading

Imagine this:

  • Rapidly mapping out your challenge as a team
  • Developing insights, understanding and plans in collaboration
  • Testing your plan in a risk free environment before spending large sums of money on it
  • Exploring multiple options before selecting the one best suited to your objectives
  • Simulating the performance of your competitors’ strategy in a compressed timeframe
  • Building a rigorous representation of any scenario with key stakeholders to facilitate evidence-based debate without any loss of nuance

Technology has matured to the point where this is now possible. Intuitive tools backed up by rigorous science can facilitate decision making in complex situations with speed and confidence. Early adopters are already reaping the rewards, from military commanders to policy makers, engineers and finance professionals.

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Our world class research and development team conduct highly specialised work that underpins the next generation of decision support tools. These tools help teams of people to collaborate in developing and testing new products or systems, strategies and policies, in volatile situations, providing valuable insights that would be impossible using conventional approaches.

Our work includes:

  • Interfaces that allow non-expert users to map out a problem and develop models and simulations for themselves
  • Novel AI technologies that make simulations more realistic, faster and therefore more useful
  • Frameworks that make simulation development simple and highly performant
  • Tools that can cope with massive scale and complexity
  • Systems that compensate for gaps and inconsistencies in historic data

We put insight and understanding directly into the hands of those that need it.